My Pledge to You

Our bodies are talking to us and sometimes we need a trained guide to help us hear and translate what they have to say. We need support to maximize our internal self-healing resources and rebalance our system. We also need support to help us make the necessary changes to give our bodies what they need. I pledge to:


  1. Listen to what you are saying and what your body is telling us both.
  2. View you as a whole person, not just a disease label.
  3. See only one patient per hour to give you maximum personalized care and attention.
  4. Help you make connections between your symptoms and your lifestyle.
  5. Provide tips on working outside the treatment room to hasten your symptom relief and maintain long-term health.
  6. Invite you to examine limiting beliefs and affirm the healthy choices you are making.
  7. Offer relief from recent and chronic pain and address underlying causes of the pain.
  8. Recommend acupuncture or Reiki – and often a powerful combination of the two – to serve you best.
  9. Provide ongoing wellness and maintenance treatments to sustain your health.
  10. Support you to turn over a new leaf and truly thrive.

“I am so grateful for my sessions with Wendy. A deeply intuitive and caring nature influences her skillful treatments, and each session is unique, always providing just the right type of support. I always feel more balanced, calm, and centered as I leave Wendy’s office. She has helped me to feel more capable of pursuing my evolving life’s work. “ – S.F., Choreographer

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