What My Clients Say…

“I’ve been working with Wendy Taylor with both acupuncture and Reiki. Since starting, my allergies have subsided and I don’t have any of the sinus attacks I used to get several times a year. My outlook on life has improved and I have more of a handle on everyday stresses.

Wendy is an amazingly intuitive practitioner with a gentle and direct approach. I recommend her to anyone looking for more balance in their lives.”

J.L., Creative Director

“I came for a Reiki session with Wendy during an especially stressful time at work. When I left, I felt like myself again. I felt very relaxed and balanced, like I’d had a vacation. I immediately signed up for a series of sessions because I felt it was so beneficial.”

M.M., Association Professional

“Wendy Taylor was recommended to me by a good friend. I sought her help after months of Physical Therapy had failed to alleviate the symptoms from a bulging disc in my lower back.

Wendy’s manner was excellent. She took time getting to know my history, habits, complaints and lifestyle before every treatment. She explained everything she was doing beforehand which made me feel at ease.

Almost immediately, there were subtle, but discernable improvements, in my back and throughout my body as a whole.

I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wishes to improve their body, maintain their health, or seek relief from a specific injury or discomfort.”

K.C., IT Professional

“I am so grateful for my sessions with Wendy. A deeply intuitive and caring nature influences her skillful treatments, and each session is unique, always providing just the right type of support. I always feel more balanced, calm, and centered as I leave Wendy’s office. She has helped me to feel more capable of pursuing my evolving life’s work.

S.F., Choreographer

“I first met Wendy Taylor at a difficult time in my life, as I was seeking acupuncture for infertility several months after I’d had one miscarriage. I was immediately drawn to Wendy because of her compassion, kindness and gentle nature. She asked thoughtful and inquisitive questions, then listened carefully to my answers. No detail was considered too small. At such a stressful time, Wendy made my first experiences with acupuncture overwhelmingly positive. She introduced me to the calming experience of Reiki, and made me a tailored diet plan.

I did end up seeking fertility treatments from a clinic in tandem with the acupuncture, and Wendy tailored her treatments accordingly, even scheduling certain treatments around my fertility needs. However, meeting with Wendy on a regular basis made the entire, stressful process more manageable for me. The acupuncture did have positive results on my body — and meeting with Wendy also had positive results on my emotional state. I looked forward to each treatment, and will continue to seek acupuncture for various needs in my life. Oh — and the results, of course — I was pregnant on the first cycle, and my body was fully equipped to the task of carrying a baby!

R.D., Nonprofit Professional

“I was referred to Wendy when my lower back went out to the point that movement of any type was nearly unbearable, and picking up my infant daughter was impossible. Getting better fast was critical as my husband was heading off for a 2-week work trip. Wendy was able to get me in very quickly and, in my first introduction to acupuncture, was able to relieve the immediate intense pressure. Over the course of subsequent sessions, Wendy helped me to eliminate the pain entirely. I later saw her for neck pain with similar great results!

L.R., Public Relations Consultant

“Since my late teens, I can re-call having a bowel movement every other week at best. I thought nothing of it, that this was the norm. Until, one morning I woke up and couldn’t feel my legs and my stomach was in such pain…pain I had never in my life felt! That was the beginning of many trips to the emergency room and doctor visits where all sorts of tests were done. Until, a doctor at John’s Hopkins was able to diagnose me with a slow emptying of the stomach. He asked me if I would be open to acupuncture. I am terrified of needles – to draw blood has always been a challenge so to think of acupuncture was a nightmare. And I wasn’t a believer that it would work. Nevertheless, I made an appointment with Ms. Taylor and began treatments. That was the beginning of my life changing. After three months of treatment, I began to have a bowel movement ever three days – and now every other day. I’m so thankful for being introduced to Wendy, her holistic approach to my treatment has made all the difference. She has truly been the answer to my prayers.

R.B., Human Resources

”I have fibromyalgia, and acupuncture has given me my life back.”

J.S., Policy Lawyer

“I have a chronic condition called Interstitial Cystitis that, prior to my becoming pregnant, was mild and frequently in remission. But during my pregnancy this changed and I was suddenly in a great deal of discomfort and pain. I went to see Wendy during this time for acupuncture and Reiki treatments and it was AMAZING how much of a difference it made in my quality of life. Thanks to Wendy, I was able to enjoy parts of my pregnancy and her calm, gentle advice helped me to put everything in perspective. I now I have a very healthy baby boy (we swear it was from all the Reiki!) and am feeling fantastic. I would recommend Wendy Taylor to anyone considering acupuncture, she is a thorough and skilled practitioner.”

K.T., Nutritionist

“Thank you so much! I feel great, like a weight was lifted from my chest and I have a whole new way of seeing things in the world.”

K.H., Graphic Designer

“As a lawyer accustomed to dealing with facts and hard evidence, I came to Reiki with a certain degree of skepticism. But a string of personal challenges and a nagging sense that something was “off” in my life made me open to trying something new. I’m very glad I did.

By unblocking and smoothing my energy flow, Reiki has helped me to become more grounded, focused and invigorated. Wendy has a superb technique, listening carefully to both my words and my body’s non-verbal communications. She has helped me greatly and I recommend her without reservation!”

A.P., Lawyer

“Over the last twelve weeks, Wendy’s treatments have supported me in making some big changes in my life.”

K.C., Social Worker

“I highly recommend Wendy Taylor and New Leaf Acupuncture and Reiki. I contacted Wendy in 2012 for Reiki treatments. My lifestyle was hectic with constant international travel with a high pressure job. I needed a way to center myself and ground myself. I was also coming off an intense year of graduate school combined with full time work and also a difficult break up. I just needed to heal.

Wendy’s approach is very professional and reassuring. She is an excellent guide towards improving your overall health and for making time for that all important aspect of life we all put last on our list – self care. I have since recommended several colleagues to her who have received enormous benefits from the experience.

Being new to Reiki, I was initially reserved and not sure if it was the best approach for me but it certainly was. I feel like a new person – completely revived and alive and taking life by the horns more so then I ever have. I have returned to my childhood love of swimming, have taken up horse back riding and flying and just feel completely alive and in love with life again.”

S.C., International Development Specialist

“I have been going to Wendy Taylor for regular treatments – she is fabulous! She spends time with me before every session talking about where I am both emotionally and physically, works on the treatment that makes the most sense for the time and walks me through what she is doing so I can better learn about acupuncture and my body. These regular treatments have helped me open up both on a physical and mental level.

P.B., Organizer

“I went to see Wendy Taylor for acupuncture originally because I have pretty uncomfortable seasonal allergies and live in a place that has a lot of plants and trees to be allergic to. Because of another condition, I cannot take decongestants so needed another approach aside from medication. Besides, I find that allergy medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription have side effects, do not always work well, and are expensive.

I have been seeing Wendy for a number of years, on a regular maintenance basis, every 4-6 weeks depending on the season – because allergies don’t just go away! Since getting acupuncture with her, I rarely have any allergy symptoms – when I do they are mild. She also asks about and treats other health problems I may be having, be it a sinus headache, bad back, or stiff neck. In fact Wendy works holistically, so she considers my emotions, energy, diet, sleep, activity level, everything. Whatever is going on, she tries to support my systems and keep me balanced.”

M.E., Consultant and Author